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Happy Holiday Season!

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh wait, that was a few weeks ago! Well, anyway, as we all know, Turkey Day is the unofficial kick-off for the holiday season with Black Friday now passed, the garland is going up, menorahs are being displayed and that rotund gentleman in the red suit can be found everywhere. I thought that I would take a moment to truly embrace the season with you and let you all know how important it is to us here at The Nyman Group. No matter if you have ups or downs during the year, this is the time to reflect and remember the good things that have happened and embrace your fellow man (and woman, of course). The spirit of the holidays can be found in true hospitality; but what does that mean?

The Macmillan Dictionary defines Hospitality as, “friendly and generous behaviour towards visitors and guests, intended to make them feel welcome.” So, in keeping with that explanation how can you embrace hospitality in your daily life and throughout the holiday season? Also, remember that hospitality is not only a one-sided endeavor – it is the give and take of life my friends. I encourage you to smile, say hello to a stranger and pass along some happiness when you can, it’s contagious!

Have a very happy and healthy holiday season, may your stars shine bright as we look forward to the New Year in 2012.

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