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Guest Bartending at Lavo!

Well, I hope you all saw my last post letting you know about our guest bartending gig at Lavo in their lounge.   For those that didn't have a chance to come down and experience the evening, you missed out! What a blast being able to check out one of Las Vegas' hottest spots, enjoy a wonderful dinner with their new Italian concept and see so many friends/familiar faces!  Big thanks to Steve Kennedy for helping to coordinate the Nyman Brothers Guest Bartending experience. There were a few 'hiccups' in setting up the scene, but let me tell you all that were there to check it out had a blast!  If you are curious about Lavo, take a look at their website, to check out the restaurant, lounge and club.  The cocktails were flowing for sure, courtesy of the Brothers Nyman. Just wait for the next bartending gig here in Vegas or points elsewhere.  Who's ready for the Nyman Brothers to take over?  Also, check us out at for other adventures and experiences...

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