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July 2010 - Aperitif Press & Mention

Today was one of those crazy industry days that I have experienced for years, however along the way I got one of the better surprises to ever happen to me. I have read for years when a writer in the business picks a chef’s recipe or a bartender’s cocktail then attempts to re-create it at home as almost a pilgrimage to that person, however I never have been the recipient of such an event. That was until today. Kathie Jenkins the St. Paul Pioneer Press writer, who is apparently now a HUGE fan of Aperitif, came into the restaurant and so was blown away by our Orange Semolina Cake that she made her own at home and gave us props in today’s edition! I am completely flattered that Aperitif has been so well received in Minnesota and overall in the community. Thanks very much Kathie, please keep visiting and spreading the good word!

If you’d like to check out the press, see below: