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Send me to the Rhone Valley!

Howdy friends!  

So, I am going to get straight to the point. Each of you knows me as someone who is extremely passionate about wine (in addition to many other things) and I finally have a chance to do someone about it! PBS is currently casting for their Reality Show - The Winemakers, Season II to be held in the Rhone Valley in France. I have officially applied to be on the show and have just posted a video (2 minutes, per their instructions) to, which you will find below.

Here's the deal. They are going to pick 12 total contestants to be on the show, deciding upon 11 of them by themselves, however the 12th contestant will be chosen based on the amount of YouTube views that the applicant's video gets by August 7th. Make sense?


Now, here is where each of you come in. I need you to send, forward, blog, Tweet, Facebook Status update, email, etc. to each of your friends the link to my video. However you can best get the message out and convince your friends, followers, business associates and others to view the better chance I have of winning!


Friends, I will be forever in debt to you if we can make this happen! Please, help send me to the Rhone Valley!!!


Thank you all in advance, you're the best!!!

Also, check out some of our friends who are blogging about my chance to make it on TV!



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